Gary Ten Bear, Counselor

Photo of Gary taken along Rapid Creek in the Black Hills

Gary Ten Bear is an enrolled member of the Apsoolaaka (Crow) Nation located in the southeast portion of Montana. He was born in St. Paul, Minnesota and raised on the Apsoolaaka reservation.  He attended boarding school at Chilocco, Oklahoma.  After graduating from Chilocco, he attended Heald Business College in San Francisco, California where he studied accounting. He returned to the Apsoolaaka reservation where he was employed at the Indian Health Service as the Supervisor of Property and Supply.  He later moved to Arizona as a career change to Social services and Substance Abuse.  He was employed as a Youth Addiction counselor by the Tohono O’odham tribe for two years  before accepting a position as the Director of the Pascua Yaqui Treatment Home in Tucson, Arizona.  After serving three years with the PATH program, he accepted a position as Substance Abuse Specialist for the Indian Health Service in Tucson, and eventually became the Indian Health Service Area Coordinator.  He received his Associate degrees in Substance Abuse, Social Services and General Studies while in Arizona.  He eventually returned to the Apsoolaaka reservation to served as Consultant for the tribal Substance Abuse program.  He obtained his Certification as a Chemical Dependency Specialist III (CDS-III)and his National Certified Addiction Counselor I (NCAC-I) during his time in Arizona.  He moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota and was employed by the Minneapolis American Indian Center as the Indian Child Welfare Act Program Director.  He later served as the Substance Abuse Program Director at the Indian Center. After three years with the Indian Center, he accepted a position as a counselor with the Hudson Lake Treatment Program in Copper Center, Alaska where he became the Program Coordinator of the Hudson Lake Treatment Program.  He worked in Alaska for five years as the program director.  He returned to Minneapolis, Minnesota to take care of his ailing mother and to participate in the Lakota Sundance ceremonies.  He was employed by the St. Paul Metro Methadone Treatment as a counselor before accepting a position with the Ain Dah Yung program as program manager of the Beverly A. Benjamin Transitional Youth Lodge. He was employed by the Division of Indian Work’s Father program as Coordinator and was attending Argosy University to earn his degree in Psychology.  He is an active member of the Crow Sundance Society and the Lakota Sundance.  He is a pipe carrier of the Lakota Nation.  He holds a second degree in TaeKwonDo and is teaching martial Arts at the center school.He is also, of course, the Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist at Nawayee Center School

Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist